FlexiSpy Review: The Most Advanced Spying App For Mobile Devices

FlexiSpy was among the first apps for mobile tracking to be launchedImage of Flexi App1
in the market. Over the past year, the software has been revamped to include new advanced features that can help you monitor the activities of your spouse, children or employees on mobile devices.


Phone and Device Compatibility

You can use this app to monitor Android phones and tablets connected to the Internet. The app can also monitors Apple iPad and iPhone, Nokia Symbian phones, Blackberry phones and the PC.

Note: Apple devices need to be jailbroken for the app to work in them.


How to Install

After your purchase, you will receive a welcome email that contains your log in details (make sure you provide the correct email at the point of purchase). Use the details sent to your email address to log into your online control panel. You should have the phone or device that you want to monitor (known as the ‘target phone’) in hand. Once you log into your user control panel, a wizard will appear to guide you through the process of installation.

Most of the features work for iPhone and Android phones. If you have a different device, check the app’s website for the features supported and how it works with them.

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App Review: How Does it Work?

The standard features for Android phones include those that you would expect from professional spying apps; such as monitoring social sites, bookmarks, browsing history, contacts, videos and audio, images, GPS locations, IM chat messengers and others.

With Flexi Spy installed, you will know what your employees are doing on their mobile devices when they are at work. If an employee is spending working hours chatting on ‘WhatsApp’, Viber, Facebook, Skype or other IM, you will be sure to catch them.


If your children are having conversations with strangers or your spouse is exchanging photos with another person, you will know. You can easily record calls and have them downloaded. You can even record calls and have them downloaded on a server for later listening.


Unique Features

Aside from the standard features, the software has a set of unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. These special features include:

i) Alerts and Keywords: You can set up alerts to get notified when specific contacts are calling or chatting with the phone user. For example, if you are suspecting that your spouse is cheating with a particular person, set up an alert to be notified when the contact is communicating.

ii) App Blocking: You can view all apps installed in the device and even block or uninstall them remotely. You don’t have to be worried of your teenager installing profane apps on the device.

iii) Update and Upgrade Remotely: After installing the program, you will not need to get the device to update or upgrade the app. You can upgrade or downgrade the app through the control center.

iv) Password Cracker: This new feature is available for free with the ‘Extreme’ package.


How Much Does it Cost?

Image of Flexi App2FlexiSpy is available in two subscription packages of Extreme (3 months for $199 or 1 year for $349) and Premium (1 month for $68, 3 months for $99 or 1 year for $149). The Extreme package is also known as Pro x. You can buy or check how the two packages compare to each other on the app’s website or other online reviews.

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SpyEra Download Review: Does This Software App Really Work?

Parental Control Tool

There are different mobile spy apps you can download. However, not all of them have the spying features and capabilities that users want. One of the few apps that is rated highly for this purpose is SpyEra.phone_trans_medium


This Software offers a ton of technology in a single spy application. The app can work with the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and even Symbian phones. You can also use the app to track tablets(iPad and Android) and desktop computers. This review will provide an overview of the app.


* Installation

The software is easy to install, and literally takes less than 5 minutes to be activated. You need to install the APK in the phone you want to track. The installation has to be done physically.


* Features and Capabilities

With this, you can do the following:

i) Listen to calls – You can listen to live calls as your employee or loved one is talking. This feature is not available in other spy apps and is what puts the app ahead of the competition.

ii) Live call recording – Want to confront your employee for calls made during working hours? Simply record every call made or received from his phone. This way, you will have proof should you decide to take action.

iii) Spy on IM – You can check messages, photos, videos and other content that your kids or spouse is sending or receiving on popular IMs like Snapchat, Hangouts, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, iMessage, WeChat, Viber, Whatsapp, BBM, Facebook and others.

iv) Track Emails and SMS – Stay ahead of a rogue employee by tracking the emails sent or received on smartphone or PC. You can retrieve the text messages or emails from your online account even if they have been deleted on the phone, tablet or PC.

v) Password Grabber – Never stay locked out of any online app with passwords set by your kids or employees. Read the passwords that your children, spouse or employees use for various online applications.

vi) GPS Location – With GPS tracking technology, the application lets you know the location of your employee or spouse. Wondering where your teenage daughter is on a Friday night? Simply locate her smartphone using GPS.

Other features available in the app include ability to get notifications on your email or phone when an event occurs e.g. when your daughter sends a video on Whatsapp, ability to spy on VOIP apps, access to all multimedia files sent or received from the phone or PC, make a hidden call to the phone to listen to what’s going on.

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* SpyEra Reviews

Over 95% of reviews online are positive, with most users saying they don’t understand why the app is not as popular as the other heavily marketing ones yet it’s far superior.

The licenses are available on a quarterly basis, with prices starting from $49. The app is priced differently depending on the items you want to spy on. The prices for spying on PCs, tablets and smartphones are $49, $149 and $189 respectively. There is also an all in one version license that is available for an annual cost of $489.

TopSpy Reviews|Is This The Best Cell Phone Monitoring App?




Have you ever wished you could monitor all the conversations that your child, spouse or employees are having on phone? Monitoring your child’s phone conversations is important and can be crucial for their safety. You do not want your child chatting with strangers in WhatsApp, Viber or the other popular messaging applications.

The same goes for your employees. How can you know if your employees are productive at work or spend most of their time chatting on WhatsApp? While you may cringe on the though of monitoring your employees’ conversations, imaging the amount of work hours you may be losing when work time is used for chatting?


Topspy Review: Monitor Phone Conversations Easily

The above are two examples of legitimate reasons why you may want to monitor the conversations or your loved ones or employees. Now the question is: which is the best cell phone tracking software to use?

One of the top mobile phone software you can use to track or monitor phone conversations is TopSpy.


What is TopSpy?

This is completely undetectable app that can on conversations on any phone. The application enables you to spy on text messages, GPS location, call history, social activity like Skype, Viber and WhatsApp chats, and even record phone conversations or surroundings.

The software works on iOS, Android and Blackberry devices. To spy on a target phone, you need to install the app on the phone. The installation process is simple and takes less than 5 minutes. From there, you will be ready to get any information you want from the target phone.

To install this cell phone software, open your phone web browser, go to GR1M, and wait for the application to download. From there, install it, fill your profile and email address and leave it to install. After it is installed, its icon will not show on the screen, but it will be ready to transmit data from the phone to your account.


How Much Does This Cost?

The app is available in 3 pricing options; Pro ($18.33/m), Pro Plus ($33.33/m) and Business ($32.49/m). All packages offer basic features while the Pro Plus and Business packages come with advanced features such as spying on SMS commands, keylogger, Facebook messages, view user videos, among others.


What Makes the Best Monitoring Software?

This is one of the top cell phone monitoring software in the market. The application does not rely on cellular service and will therefore provide data to your account regardless of the SIM card or carrier. Online TopSpyApp reviews give this software high ratings.

The app also operates 100% undetectable on the target device. It works in stealth mode without any notifications, badges or icons. Moreover, it cannot be detected by any cell phone spyware apps installed in the phone.

You can try the app with the Pro package before you upgrade to the advanced packages. You can always upgrade your subscription whenever you want to.

Cell Phone Tracking At Its Best

Mobistealth Review – Download This Phone Spy App And Know The Truth

Mobistealth is a top-notch cell phone and windows PC software application that remotely monitors another phone or PC into which it has been installed as you will get to know from this review.

Whether the phone in question is an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia or Windows mobile phone, this has got you covered.

Do not worry about being detected because this app performs in the background of the target phone so that no one will ever know that they are being monitored.

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* No Need to Root (For Android).


How Can You Put Mobistealth To Use?

* To Help Protect Your Children

Since you cannot always be with your children (as there are times when they may be at school, on holidays with some friend or even at home), how then can you know what type of friends they keep or what they are up to?

With Mobistealth, you can always keep track of your children round the clock without them knowing that you know were they are or where they usually go to.


* In The Office

You can monitor your employees’ activities even when you are not around. This could help to increase the productivity of your staff.


* Even For Your Loved Ones

Depending on your needs, the app can also be used to track your loved ones by simply knowing where they are at certain times. This is made possible through the well designed GPS technology that comes with this software.


Features That Make All The Above Possible

First thing to point out here is that the pro package offers the highest number of features followed by the lite and then the basic.


It has been designed with a technology that makes it difficult for you to get detected when you spy on the target device as the owner of the phone will not even know that he or she is being tracked.


Recording of Calls

Calls received or made by the target phone will be sent to you. You will get to see the number, date and time that each of the calls were made or received.


SMS Message Spy

All text messages received by the mobile device you are monitoring will be sent to you.


GPS Real-Time Location Tracking

With the aid of GPS technology, the movement of the carrier of the monitored device will be seen in real-time. This can help in locating your children or loved ones or even in tracing a stolen mobile phone.


PC Monitoring Software

There is indeed another dimension to mobistealth software that may not be available in similar apps as seen from other reviews; the one that is used for monitoring the places, websites visited or simply the way people make use of the computer. It can quickly be installed and can track the activities of a computer or computers and send all the information to your user account.

Mobistealth could be worth trying out if you hope to uncover the truth about the activities of your children, friend(s), colleagues, employees and other loved ones.

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How To Download And Install Mspy

The whole process begins with your purchase of the software. Your Installing a stealth mobile applicationlogin details will then be sent to the email that you used to make the purchase. Installation takes between 5 to 10 minutes and is done by installing the software into the phone that you want to monitor. Once you have been able to install it, you will be able to keep track of the target device from anywhere in the world as seen from the Mspy reviews. We have an installation wizard that will guide you through the process of installation. You can also watch some of our video tutorials on how to install it into android, iPhone, iPad, Symbian and blackberry phones.


Installation Into An Android

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Installation Into An iPhone


Installation Into A Blackberry


Installation Into An iPad


Installation Into A Symbian

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Mobile Spy Reviews – Can This Be The Ultimate Phone App For You?

Phone Monitoring Applications

Being able to secretly monitor another person has never been easier than it is today. The very tools we use to communicate with one another are the same tools we may need to also keep track of others. By this, we mean the phones that we make use of on day to day basis.

Software applications that empower an individual to be able to view the activities of another, often from a remote location, are very much available today. One of such is the Mobile Spy as you are getting to know from this review.


What Is This About?

Just as the name implies, this is a phone app that lets you monitor another phone from your own hidden location once you download it. This is one of the most versatile spying apps that you can find amidst alternatives like the mobistealth.

Apart from common functions that you might be familiar with from some reviews, such as:

Call monitoring

Real-time GPS location tracking

Spying text messages and so on,

permit us to give you a glimpse and let you into the world of this renowned GPS phone tracker.

* Completely Stealth

All of these functions are performed silently. In other words, the calls, text messages, emails, websites, photos & videos that you receive from the target phone is done in such a way that you go unnoticed; more or less like a hidden detective.


* Uninstall It From Wherever You Are

If you feel that you no longer want to monitor a particular phone again, you can free the license so that you can use it to monitor another device. The good thing about this is that you can install it directly from your online control panel without the need to touch or gain access to the target phone.


* YouTube & Gmail

You can view YouTube and gmail messages sent or received from the device that you are tracking. This can help to protect your kids from online dangers. You will also get to know what YouTube videos that fellow watches.


* Video & Photo Views

Photos and videos captured by your child, employee or loved one are all viewable by you, and silently too.


* Alerts

By setting keywords that you deem to be inappropriate, you can receive alerts when the user of the phone makes use of that profane keyword. This is known as ‘custom alerts’.


* Ability To Block Certain Application(s)

Certain browsers, social media and other apps that you may consider to be inappropriate or no-go areas, for your kids for instance, can be blocked by you so that they cannot gain access to such from their phone or device.


* Live Control Panel ADD-ON (Optional)

This is one of a kind in this industry. The add-on allows you to gain ‘LIVE’ control and surveillance on your smartphone from wherever you are in a secured fashion.


* What Phones Are Compatible?

Compatible phones, among others, include:

– Blackberry

– iPhone

– Android

– Windows Mobile

– Symbian Phones


This amazing software can help you clear some doubts about honesty and confirm suspicions you may be having about your kids or employees as well as helping to protect your loved ones.





Mspy Review – What You Should Know


Businesswoman Spying

Mspy app is yet another cell phone monitoring application. Amongst numerous

Some Great Phone Spy Tool mobile spy software and programs, this app has been able to carve out a niche for itself over the years. While over a million customers worldwide have been making use of this, It has been known to be very dependable and leaves users satisfied with its tracking abilities as we have experienced from the mspy reviews and feedback gotten from clients.

In case you are new to this, this is a software that lets you see the activities of another person’s phone without being detected.

Are you a businessman running a company who needs to keep an eye on employees, someone who needs to know about various activities that take place in your house when you are not at home, parents who want to be well acquainted with family members and keep their family safe (especially keeping a watchful eye on your kids) or you want to prevent theft at your home or workplace, then this should be given consideration.



* No need to Jailbreak.

* An addition of over 25 features.

* Now Available for computers.


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A Total Package

The spyware provides you with virtually all that you need; ranging from Call recording, SMS, GPS, WhatsApp and Skype tracking to Internet usage monitor.

In this mspy review, we want to highlight a few of the features that distinguishes the m spy from others:


* Spy on Calls

Apart from spying on outgoing and incoming calls, it gives you the power to restrict incoming calls (those that you do not want the target phone to receive) by allowing you to choose to block calls coming in from certain numbers.


* See Websites Visited By That Person

We might have already known about records of browsing history that this mobile spy allows us to gain access to; sent from the device being tracked by collecting URLs of the websites visited by that person.

On top of this, you can block access to those websites from wherever you are. These are websites that you find unsuitable for your family or workplace.


* View Calendar – Find Out About An Individual’s Appointments And Schedules

Planned future activities such as meeting schedules and other intentions the owner of the device is about to undertake are leaked to you. For instance, this can be helpful to the employer who may not know the secret meetings that his or her employees are holding behind him or her.


* Recording Surrounding Sounds

It is quit common for people to tell you that they are at the cinema when the truth is that they are at a party. When you activate the microphone, this works in conjunction with call recording and GPS technology to enable you to hear background sounds while the fellow is speaking on phone. This can help in ascertaining the true location of an individual. This is called bugging.


* Remotely Control Apps Installed On Another Cell Phone

By being able to see applications in that monitored device and to control them by preventing and managing the apps on behalf of the owner of the phone simply sets this apart from the rest.


* View Photos And Videos

Photos and videos can also be seen as well as when they were taken.


* Lock/Unlock The Target Phone From Where You Are

This is an alternative to ‘device wipe-out’ – another function with which you can get rid of information. This should be used when you are sure that you want to do this because once done, this cannot be undone.


* Installation

Getting to know how to install mspy is easy and takes just about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.


* Supported Phones And Devices

A wide range of devices are supported. They include, among others:

– Android (version 2.2 and above).

– iPhone (iOS 6 to 8.1.1).

– iPad.

– Blackberry (below 10 series).

– Symbian.

– For Windows based Computers (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Vista).

– For Mac(OS X 10.9 Mavericks, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, OS 10.7 Lion and OS 10.6 Snow Leopard).


* Get Additional Info About The Phone

Under this, battery level, operator’s name and internet connection type can be viewed.


* Undetected Operation

Once installed, it performs in the background and goes unnoticed.

This can be the answer to questions previously raised by employees and parents. The combination of remote control with undetectable access makes this a unique one.

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